We bring the new selection of handles within carefully predetermine physical constraints. Here’s the results in pictures. We hope you can find inspiration here for using the duster collection.

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Our hardware fittings accessories are highly innovative, highly designed product
of expression that open up infinite possibilities for defining the modern living space.


Can you make my own handle designed Products ?

Yes, we can make the products according to your reqirements given your detailed drafts or samples.

What condition of drawer slide capacity do you test , please ?

The Loading Capacity is tested at 45 Kgs

What is the base material for the handle?

Duster handle with four different base materials i.e. Brass, Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel, Aluminum.

What if my handle is free and the latch is working fine?

This happens when there is unnecessary or overload is provided on the handle. Contact your carpenter to fix the problem.

What are the finishes available in the Door Handle ?

C.P. Shampen, C.P. Brown, C.P. White, Brass Antique, Black Satin, Silver Satin, S.S Matt, Bot Copper Antique, Dot Brass Antique, Brass Antique and Chrome