We bring the new selection of handles within carefully predetermine physical constraints. Here’s the results in pictures. We hope you can find inspiration here for using the duster collection.

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Vision & Mission

Our hardware fittings accessories are highly innovative, highly designed product
of expression that open up infinite possibilities for defining the modern living space.


We prides on quality and performance. The sole vision of the company is to deliver products and services conforming to International standards and satisfying the requirements and the expectations of our customers in respect of quality, cost, performance, safety and reliability.


We are even more demanding than our customers. Responsibility, quality and rigour are present in all stages of production and service. That why we apply processes of quality control which help us to improve and be better than we were yesterday.


Above all, our priority is quality. Quality in the production process, in each detail of our products, in the service we offer, in our management and in everything we do. We want to keep our clients satisfied. The ISO 9001 certificate demonstrates this. We are proud to have achieved it and it offers guarantees for our customers.


We strive to create a corporate entity emblematic of excellence, diversification and pioneering new technologies backed with customer satisfaction.